Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Deterge/Urine Cop

After much waiting, Deterge "Anacoluthon" and Urine Cop "Stay Smoke Stay Stone" tapes are finally in. Can't say much more about these except, BUY THEM! Hit up the store on the right to grab 'em. These took way longer than expected going through National Audio which leads me to say that I will no longer be sending my tapes to be pro-duplicated. From now on all Anabolic Dimensions' tape releases will be home duplicated, meaning faster output on releases. Next batch of home dubbed tapes are as follows: Shattered Hymen, Plastic Boner Band, STREETMEAT and Machismo/Magia Nuda split. These will be released at the same time and very soon I might add. The still "secret" LP is currently in the works. Bye bye for now...Thanks.

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