Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pre-Order for Crown of Cerberus

Pre-Orders are available for the debut release of M. Chami's(Disgust, Koufar, Bachir) Crown of Cerberus "Awakening" C30. Please visit for purchase. These will be ready to ship in a couple of weeks.
"Crown of Cerberus serves as a tribute to the beauty and might of strong women. Taking influences from the art of Albrecht Dürer, the philosophy behind tarot's, as well as the powerful emotions that arise out of love. Focusing solely on tape loops and cassettes, this is not meant to be pristine entirely. It is meant to be the reflective depths of ones soul. HAIL THE CROWN AND HER MAJESTY." 
-M. Chami

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Thanks to everyone who has ordered so far. Terror and Freak Animal will be carrying distro copies of both tapes very soon for those of you overseas. More releases on the way. Just to name a few:
-Crown of Cerberus
-Skin Graft/Jason Soliday
-Shattered Hymen
-Hate Basement