Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fucking Updates

Deterge "Anacoluthon" and Urine Cop "Stay Smoke Stay Stone" tapes are next in the que. Deterge needs no introduction. Solo electronic callousness via Jim Haras of Fusty Cunt/ PTM. "Anacoluthon" is an epic structure of brilliance and brutality and is the latest piece Deterge has to offer listeners to endure. This will be released as a C30. Urine Cop is the two man noisecore project of Adam Jennings of Winters in Osaka and Eric King of The Endless Blockade/Death Agonies. Insane and unrelenting drum and noise punishment made to be listened to whilst stoned as a motherfuck. One sided C10. Stay Smoke. Stay Stone. You wont even have time to blow your load for this one. These should be ready to be released in the nex few weeks. I posted audio samples on the Soundcloud page. Check those out immediately. Or die.

Anabolic Dimensions was recently interviewed on the Pure Stench blog found here. Much thanks again to Ryan for the support. Abuse Patterns is scheduled to be interviewed sometime in the near future as well.

Machismo "Humiliation in Attitude" tapes are finally sold out. For those of you who slept on this or for those who demand the digital files, you can now download it free here . Everyone who has ordered Machismo tapes will be receiving them in the mail, not to worry. I'm also down to last copies of Abuse Patterns "Reproducing the Pathology." These will not be reprinted so pick this up while you still can. Abuse Patterns is slowly getting to work on new material as well as Machismo who has a few releases planned including a split with Magia Nuda that will be released by yours truly.

More great releases on the way. Stay tuned. Thanks. Go to this show if you're a no coaster: