Tuesday, July 26, 2011

First Enrty

Anabolic Dimensions is a new recording label based out of Chicago, IL releasing formatted tape, vinyl, etc. of recent and relevant experimental artists. The first planned releases are from all fairly new projects based out of Chicago. Abuse Patterns and Michismo are two new harsh power electronic bands featuring members of Socially Retarded and Sea of Shit. These recordings are underway and will be released as pro dubbed tapes limited to 100 each. Artwork and other minor details are still being finalized. AD will also be releasing the debut of M. Chami's (Disgust, Koufar, Insurgent) tape loop/drone project Crown of Cerberus. This one is still being mastered but will be available soon enough. More details on these releases very soon. In the meantime please check out soundcloud.com/anabolic-dimensions for sample tracks.